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[Whisky Water Source - Where To Buy: Grocery] Pioneer Center "Milk Section"


[#whiskyphWaterSource - Grocery] Pioneer Center "Milk Section".

This "Milk Section" has become a bit of a pilgrimage site for Metro Manila whisky enthusiasts. Located in the Pioneer Center (PC) of Pasig City, this is actually the exciting liquor section of the Pioneer Center Supermart.

In a country where almost all of the supermarkets/groceries will often only sell Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniels and a few entry-level single malts like #Singleton 12, #Glenfiddich 12 and #Glenmorangie 10, PC serves up more than just a pleasant surprise.

Unlike your ordinary supermarket, scotch lovers will be thrilled to know that each #scotch whisky region is represented. My last trip I saw bottles of #Glendronach#Auchentoshan#Macallan#Lagavulin and #Talisker among others. Even the rarer #Cambeltown brands like #Springbank and #Kilkerran were available!


I also got excited about their #Laphroaig offerings which included the Laphroaig Lore, the Cask Strength 10yo, and the Càerdias Triple Wood!



Beyond core range single malts they also have the occasional limited release offerings like the #Ardbeg Blaaack, Independent Bottlings by Hunter Laing under the brands Old Malt Cask and Hepburn's Choice, Douglas Laing's Old Particular, as well as the exceptional blends from #CompassBox and #DouglasLaing.



The #JapaneseWhisky section is also great! Beyond the core #Nikka and #Suntory bottles, they even have 12yo #Yamazaki bottles on offer. There are also great American whiskies like Bookers, #AngelsEnvy, Knob Creek, and Irish whiskies like Teeling, Redbreast and Green Spot too.



PC is also right across the street from the usual Komikon venue! Komikon is the annual Philippine comic book fan convention attended by the extremely talented graphic novelists of this country like @kajobaldisimo & @budjette (#Trese@mervinmalonzoart (Tabi Po), and @manix_abrera (Kikomachine).

Good whisky and good graphic novels, what could be a better pairing? 🥃

While I'm really bummed that there is no #Komikon this year due to Covid19, I guess I'll have to settle for a trip to PC to lift my spirits! #Tagay


Image Courtesy of @WhiskyPH




At its core, whisky appreciation is an exercise in memory. Notes of a whisky enthusiast in the Philippines. 🥃🇵🇭