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88 Bamboo Japan (88竹日本)

Glenrothes 11 years, Aberlour A’BUNADH, Linkwood 15 years, Hazelburn 13 years


Sherry Butts Flight!
with short Cohiba

It’s a beautiful day,so I’m drinking in the daytime at my garden.

•Glenrothes 11 years (64.6%) from Morrison&Mackay

•Aberlour A’BUNADH (61.2% )

•Linkwood 15 years (43%) from G&M

•Hazelburn 13 years (47%)

Out of these,I like Hazelburn oloroso 13 years.
But in the case of with cigar, I like A’BUNADH!

Have a nice weekend,everyone!

同じシェリーカスクでも、ウィスキー単独で味わうなら、GMリンクウッド 、オロロソのヘーゼルバーンのバランスの良さに軍配があがります。





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