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Isle Of Harris' Hearach Is Back With An Oloroso Drop


Hot off the heels of the Isle of Harris Distillery's Hearach inaugural Scotch release, we've got what looks to be a heavy hitter already - a First Fill Oloroso Cask Matured expression.

The Isle of Harris has traditionally been a cult favourite of gin lovers who have taken incredibly well to the distillery's sugar kelp focused gin. And yet, the distillery shows us they've got much more up their sleeves - whisky of course!

So far the Hearach has gotten off to a solid start, being quite the hit with the Scotch community even as we're seeing an unprecedented number of new Scotch brand launches.

And making sure to fan those flames, they seem to be getting ready an Oloroso expression - which is always a hit with drinkers.

The new expression is bottled at 46% ABV.





88 Bamboo Editorial Team