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Stomping Ground Beer Hop Stomper IPA x Powderfinger - Rockin' Rocks


As we hit 900 Trooper fans we bring you and award winning band and beer.

In their own field, they are the best of the best. The pinnacle of Australian Alternative Rock and Brewing.

First up, stomping grounds recent ABA win (Australian International Beer Awards)
Gold for the Hopstomper IPA biotransformation dry hopped lager.
Also the amazing wins of 2021 best brewpub #1 in Vic AND #1 in Australia! Great work champions. We loved it so much we had our engagement there.
The beer itself: Inspired by the tradition of stomping hops into bales, our West Coast IPA has a firm bitterness and citrus aroma. shes 6% and damn tasty.

Powderfinger, the legends, have earned a total of eighteen ARIA Awards. Vulture Street itself won the 2003 ARIA Music Award for Best Rock Album and spent 47 weeks on the ARIA Charts and peaked at #1.

Since you have been gone is written about the loss of Bernards brother.
Next time you have a listen, see if you pick up on the lyrics as it's assumed that it's a break up song due to its upbeat nature and radio play.

So if you find yourself on Gibbs Street, grab a schooner of hop stomper. If you are ever on Vulture Street Brisbane, say G'day to Bernard for me!

@powderfinger_bandofficial - Vulture Street
Highlight - Love your way
Gem - Pockets
Beer Pairing - @stompinggroundbeer Hop Stomper IPA


Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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