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Jetty Road Brewing Talus More West Coast IPA x Pearl Jam – Vitalogy

The next pick is from one of the stars of the grunge rock surge of the 90’s, a band that still producing great music and a band whose lead singer is one of the most recognisable and seminal voices of our time.
The singer is Eddie Vedder, the band is Pearl Jam and the album is their third release “Vitalogy”. The album, released on November 22nd 1994 was in some ways a departure from the sound of the past releases; with a much more diverse sound. The album consisted of aggressive rock songs, ballads, and other stylistic elements, making it Pearl Jam's most experimental album to date. The musical experimentation is an amazing result and is an album that is surprisingly underrated, but is still absolutely brilliant.
The success of the band at the time was causing a lot of friction, with the band being forced into situations they were ethically opposed to, playing huge stadiums controlled by ticketing agencies, video shoots and endless interviews and promotions. The band were desperate to escape the trappings of corporate rock; and they felt they didn’t want “play the game”. But the heart of Pearl Jam’s struggles centred around the power play between guitarist Stone Gossard and vocalist Eddie Vedder. “Vitalogy” marks the point where Eddie Vedder took the creative reins; at a time where the band could have easily split and no album could have been made.
The album had tracks “Better Man” and “Spin the Black Circle” voted into the #hottest100 countdowns of 1994 and 1995 and sold over 6 million copies worldwide. Not bad for five slacker punks who became unintentional superstars.
Now for the beer, and Jetty Road Brewing have delivered the perfect pairing. The “Talus More” West Coast IPA with loads of hops sourced from the Perraultfarms and Loftusranches hop farms. This single-hop IPA featuring the very tasty Talus hop has aromas of lemon meringue, melon, stone fruit and citrus.

Album: Pearl Jam – Vitalogy
Highlight: Corduroy
Gem: Tremor Christ
Beer Pairing: Jetty Road Brewing Talus More West Coast IPA

Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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