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[Whisky Water Source - Bar in Philippines]: LIT Manila


[#whiskyphWaterSource - Bar] LIT Manila.

LIT is probably one of the best whisky bars in Metro Manila.

While it is most known for having the most extensive collection of Japanese whiskies in the Philippines, it has so much more on offer.



Equipped with friendly and highly knowledgable bartenders, a cozy ambiance and smooth music, it's easy to feel relaxed and comfortable. Just ask the bartender to guide you through their wide menu.

With a diverse selection of whisky (both Japanese and non-Japanese), I mostly order my drams neat. But they also offer well curated whisky flights, exceptional cocktails, crisp and refreshing highballs, bar chow and even good beers to wash it down. You can even get one of the best steaks in the country from @mymamou right at the bar.


Every now and then you'll see the master barkeep and curator, Francis, manning the bar. It's a great opportunity to strike up a conversation with a true whisky lover.

From time to time, LIT also features specialized tasting sessions, live bands and performers, keeping things even more exciting.



If you ever find yourself craving a dram or two in the BGC area of Metro Manila, head no further. You can't go wrong with @litmanila.


Image Courtesy of @WhiskyPH




At its core, whisky appreciation is an exercise in memory. Notes of a whisky enthusiast in the Philippines. 🥃🇵🇭